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Compared with the general emulsification process and equipment (such as propeller, colloid mill and homogenizer), ultrasonic emulsification equipment has the characteristics of high emulsification quality, stable emulsification, stable emulsification products and low power. Phacoemulsification reactor is a process in which two (or more) immiscible liquids are mixed evenly to form a dispersion system under the action of ultrasonic energy, and one liquid is evenly distributed in the other liquid to form emulsion. In the same industry, the manufacturing process of emulsion is quite different. These differences include the components used (mixture, including various components in the solution), emulsification method, and more processing conditions.

Ultrasonic wave refers to the mechanical elastic wave with sound frequency greater than 20kHz. The wave speed is generally 1500m / s and the wavelength is generally 0.01 ~ 10cm. Ultrasonic wave is a kind of propagation process of mechanical vibration in the medium, which has the characteristics of bunching, orientation, reflection and transmission. It mainly produces two forms of vibration in the medium, namely shear wave and longitudinal wave. The former can only be produced in solid, while the latter can be produced in solid, liquid and gas.

The interaction mechanism between ultrasonic wave and medium can be divided into three kinds: thermal mechanism, mechanical mechanism and cavitation mechanism.



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