Titanium Alloy High Efficient Ultrasonic Probe Homogenizer Sonicator

Titanium Alloy High Efficient Ultrasonic Probe Homogenizer Sonicator


Ultrasonic homogenizers are recommended for homogenization and cracking of laboratory samples, which do not require traditional grinding or rotor stator cutting techniques. Small and large ultrasonic probes can be used for various sample quantities to be processed. Solid probes can reduce the chance of sample loss and cross contamination between samples.

Ultrasonic treatment is the act of applying sound energy to stir particles in a sample for various purposes. The ultrasonic frequency (about 20 kHz) is usually used, resulting in the process also known as ultrasound or ultrasound. In the laboratory, ultrasonic bath or ultrasonic probe (commonly known as ultrasonic generator) is usually used for application.

Sonication can be used to produce nanoparticles, such as nano lotion, nanocrystals, liposomes and wax lotion, and for wastewater purification, degassing, vegetable oil extraction, anthocyanin and antioxidant extraction, biofuel production, crude oil desulfurization, cell disruption, polymer and epoxy resin processing, adhesive dilution and many other processes. Ultrasonic treatment is also commonly used in nanotechnology to evenly disperse nanoparticles in liquids.


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