5000ML Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier Piezoelectric Water Atomizer

5000ML Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier Piezoelectric Water Atomizer

High power industrial ultrasonic humidifier is used in industrial workshops to humidify, cool, remove dust, prevent static electricity and other functions of filtering air dust. At the same time of humidification, it increases the oxygen content of the air, which greatly creates and improves the living environment of people.

1. Preservation and storage: constant humidity preservation and storage of Guoshu products.

2. Tobacco industry: tobacco processing, production, humidity control and dust reduction.

3. HVAC industry: central air conditioning system increases humidity and eliminates static electricity.

4. Food industry: moisture regain and preservation of dried, dehydrated and refrigerated food.

5. Planting industry: large-scale cultivation of edible fungi, flowers, tropical plants and soilless cultivation.

6. Breeding industry: large-scale breeding, breeding and hatching of livestock, birds and insects for moisturizing and disinfection.

7. Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain forest, film and television, exhibition and other landscapes imitating the natural environment.



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