1.7MHz High FrequencyIndustrial Ultrasonic Fogger Spray Machine

1.7MHz High FrequencyIndustrial Ultrasonic Fogger Spray Machine

The industrial fog making machine has the functions of humidification, moisturizing, removing static electricity, dust, high temperature, deodorization and disinfection.

Application of ultrasonic spray machine

Electronic industry: semiconductor component manufacturers, LCD factories, PCB factories, IC testing factories and other humidity control and static electricity elimination.

Textile industry: textile mill temperature control, eliminate static electricity and dust. Effectively improve the quality of fabric.

Printing industry: eliminate static electricity, maintain humidity, ensure that the paper does not shrink, deform and jam, and improve production speed and efficiency.

Computer room: humidity control and elimination of static electricity in various computer rooms.

HVAC industry: central air conditioning supporting humidification and elimination of static electricity.

Edible fungi planting: adjust the humidity of mushroom room, promote the growth of edible fungi and ensure the stable and high yield of edible fungi.

Fresh storage Keep the crispness, color and flavor of fruits and vegetables, prevent dehydration and wilting, prolong the aging period and reduce decay.



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