Water Treatment Ultrasonic Algae Removal Swimming Pool/River/Tank

Water Treatment Ultrasonic Algae Removal Swimming Pool/River/Tank 

The use of ultrasonic transducers can not only reduce the frequency of aquatic animals and algae, but also cause no harm to humans. Compared with chemical algae treatment agent, ultrasonic algae removal instrument has the advantages of one-time input, no secondary pollution, simple operation, safe use, high efficiency and strong sustainability. It is very conducive to environmental protection and improve the quality of water environment. It is a real high-tech product with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Application fields of ultrasonic water treatment equipment

Civil areas: high-end villas, swimming pools, golf courses, leisure and entertainment facilities.

Industrial field: petrochemical wastewater treatment system; hydropower station; Fire water reservoir; Industrial wastewater treatment reservoir; Medium and large cooling water tower reservoir.

Agriculture: reservoirs, fish ponds, ponds, lakes, lagoons; Irrigation reservoir for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Urban water environment treatment: waterworks and sewage treatment plants; Drinking water storage tank; Urban landscape pools and fountains; Artificial lakes and rivers in the park.



Water Treatment Ultrasonic Algae Removal Swimming Pool/River/Tank_Ultrasonic Cleaner_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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