Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Remove Algae Water Treatment Equipment

28khz 40khz Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Remove Algae Water Treatment Equipment

In the existing water resources environment, the explosive growth of algae caused by the rich oxidation of water body may occur in the salt water area of the ocean and the fresh water area of rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The types of algae groups in sea water and fresh water are different. What happens in the ocean is called "red tide", while what happens in fresh water is called "water bloom". The outbreak of toxic algae groups affects the natural landscape of water body, reduces the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water and shields sunlight, It will affect the growth of animals and plants in water, and the algae toxins released after the death of algae will even seriously affect the safety of human drinking water.

In order to solve this problem and restore a healthy aquatic ecosystem, scholars at home and abroad have studied and used a variety of control methods, including physical, chemical and biological methods. Among the physical methods, algae fishing and filter screen are used, but the large amount of manpower and material resources required for algae fishing can only be carried out in a very limited small water area. The efficiency of the filter screen is often reduced quickly due to the blockage of the filter screen. Using chemical reagents, such as copper sulfate algae remover, is a more economical and effective way to remove algae. However, adding chemical reagents to the water will cause secondary pollution to the water body, and even be absorbed by fish, shrimp and crab in the fishery, thus indirectly affecting human health. Through biological methods, such as putting algae removing biological bacteria into the water body, the amount is too small to achieve the effect of algae removal. Once the growth of algae removing organisms is out of control, it is easy to cause another kind of ecological pollution.



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