5000W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Emulsifier Mixer Homogenizer For Ultrasonic Biodiesel Production

Ultrasonic vibration rod is also called ultrasonic vibration rod. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic vibration plate, it has the characteristics of wider application range and longer service life. In industrial application, ultrasonic vibration rod is used for cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, scale prevention, water treatment, etc. It is a very mature and widely used technology.

The ultrasonic vibrating rod uses the alternating period of positive and negative pressure existing in the ultrasonic transmission process to squeeze the medium molecules in the positive phase and increase the original density of the medium; When the phase is negative, the medium molecules are sparse and discrete, and the medium density decreases. The ultrasonic vibration rod can generate ultrasonic wave uniformly around 360 °, and the output of energy is not affected by the change of load such as liquid level and temperature difference. The ultrasonic vibration rod generally includes high-power ultrasonic transducer, amplitude transformer, tool head (transmitter), which is used to generate ultrasonic vibration and transmit this vibration energy into the liquid. The transducer converts the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, namely ultrasonic. Its manifestation is that the transducer moves back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and the amplitude is generally several microns. Such amplitude power density is not enough and cannot be used directly. The horn amplifies the amplitude according to the design requirements, isolates the reaction solution and the transducer, and also plays the role of fixing the entire ultrasonic vibration system. The tool head is connected with the horn, which transmits the ultrasonic energy vibration to the tool head, and then the tool head transmits the ultrasonic energy into the chemical reaction liquid

5000W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Emulsifier Mixer Homogenizer For Ultrasonic Biodiesel Production

5000W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Emulsifier Mixer Homogenizer For Ultrasonic Biodiesel Production_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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