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Application of ultrasonic vibrating rod in extraction of traditional Chinese medicine

The ultrasonic vibration rod can be used to extract the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine. First, add the extraction solvent into the container, crush or cut the traditional Chinese medicine into granules as required, and put it into the extraction solvent; Turn on the ultrasonic generator, install the ultrasonic vibrating rod on the top of the extraction tank, and send out ultrasonic waves to the extraction solvent. The 'cavitation effect' and mechanical action of ultrasonic waves in the extraction solvent can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal material, make the effective components in a free state and dissolve in the extraction solvent, on the other hand, accelerate the molecular movement of the extraction solvent, and make the extraction solvent and the effective components in the medicinal material contact rapidly, Dissolve and mix with each other.

The excellent temperature for ultrasonic vibration rod extraction of medicinal materials is 40-60 ℃, so it is not necessary to equip a boiler to provide steam heating, which is conducive to energy conservation and environmental pollution improvement. More importantly, it has a protective effect on the active ingredients in the medicinal materials that are unstable when exposed to heat and easy to hydrolyze or oxidize. The ultrasonic vibrating rod can generally operate for about 30 minutes to obtain excellent results. The extraction efficiency is greatly improved compared with the traditional process, and is not limited by the nature and molecular weight of the components of traditional Chinese medicine. It is applicable to the extraction of most kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and various components (including liquid-liquid extraction and solid-liquid extraction). Therefore, the use of ultrasonic vibrators for traditional Chinese medicine extraction has been increasingly adopted by the majority of pharmaceutical companies.

2000W 20KHZ Ultrasonic Wave Reactor Biodiesel Production And Sound Generator

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