Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor For CBD Nano Emulsification Process

Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor For CBD Nano Emulsification Process

Ultrasonic Sonicator Probe Nanoparticle Dispersion Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

It is a multi-purpose ultrasonic pulverizer for cell treatment. Liquid crystal display, 250W power, equipped with 6mm horn, optional 3mm horn, which can handle 10 ~ 200ml samples. It is applicable to the processing of samples with different capacities (corresponding models and probes are selected according to different volumes). It has the advantages of continuously adjustable ultrasonic time and power. It can break all kinds of animal and plant tissues, cells and bacteria. At the same time, it can be used for emulsification, separation, dispersion, extraction and accelerating chemical reaction. It is widely used in biology, medicine, agronomy, chemistry, materials science, pharmacy and other fields.

Application scope of ultrasonic cell disruptor

1. Homogeneous soil and rock samples.

2. High throughput sequencing and preparation of DNA fragmentation in chromatin immunoprecipitation.

3. Study the structural and physical characteristics of rocks.

4. Dispersion of pharmaceutical substances for injection.

5. Homogenization of beverage by ultrasonic.

6. Dispersion and extraction of Chinese herbal medicine.

7. Alcoholization and aging technology of wine.

8. CBD nano material,cracking, emulsifying, homogenizing and crushing of carbon nanotubes, rare earth materials and other particles.

9. Accelerate dissolution and chemical reaction, such as oil processing.

10. Paint paste Carbon black paint paste, phthalocyanine green paint paste, phthalocyanine blue paint paste, purple 23 paint paste.

11. Fragmentation of cells, bacteria, viruses, spores and other cellular structures.



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