Industrial High Power 3000W Ultrasonic Mixing Equipment Vibrating Rod

15KHZ 20KHZ Industrial High Power 3000W Ultrasonic Mixing Equipment Vibrating Rod


Application of ultrasonic mixing equipment vibrating rod

1. Ultrasonic vibrator is used to clean workpieces in various industries, such as precision electronic parts, clock parts, optical glass parts, hardware and mechanical parts, jewelry, semiconductor silicon wafer, polyester filter element / spinneret, medical instruments, etc. and before and after electroplating.

2. Ultrasonic extraction, with its unique advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate and short extraction time, is applied to the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, oil and the effective content of various animals and plants. It is a modern technical means to replace the traditional cutting process and realize high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection extraction.

3. The advantage of ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the special physical properties of ultrasonic. It mainly reduces the force between the target extract and the sample matrix through the fast mechanical vibration wave generated by piezoelectric transducer, so as to realize the solid-liquid extraction separation.

4. Full emulsification of oil-water mixture: such as emulsification of diesel oil with water, milk emulsification, coating emulsification, pigment emulsification, etc.

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