Factory Customized High Power Ultrasonic Extraction Probe Sonicator

Factory Customized High Power Ultrasonic Extraction Probe Sonicator


Ultrasonic extraction, also known as ultrasonic assisted extraction, uses the multi-level effects such as strong cavitation effect, disturbance effect, high acceleration, crushing and stirring produced by ultrasonic radiation pressure to increase the movement frequency and speed of material molecules and increase the penetration of solvent, so as to speed up the entry of target components into solvent and promote the extraction. Ultrasonic wave is a kind of elastic mechanical vibration wave, which is essentially different from electromagnetic wave. Because electromagnetic wave can propagate in vacuum, while ultrasonic wave can only propagate in the medium. When it passes through the medium, it forms the whole process including expansion and compression.

Ultrasonic technology uses cavitation effect to extract substances and accelerate the dissolution and diffusion of substances, so the extraction efficiency is high and the speed is fast. Compared with the conventional method, its main advantage is that it does not need heating and does not destroy the components with heat sensitivity, easy hydrolysis or easy oxidation in the product; The extraction efficiency is high, the extraction time is only less than 1 / 3 of that of the conventional method, the extraction is sufficient, and the extraction rate is more than twice that of the conventional method. For example, the ultrasonic extraction of the mixed solution of star anise, fennel and ethanol, the extraction rate is as high as 96%, which is directly doubled compared with the traditional extraction rate of about 35%; Low energy consumption, no heating and short time, so the energy consumption is greatly reduced; It is easy to separate and purify raw materials, and it is easy to double the amount of impurities.



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