15khz 20khz High Quality Ultrasonic Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipment

15khz 20khz High Quality Ultrasonic Biodiesel Manufacturing Equipment


High quality ultrasonic vibration reactor is used in ultrasonic biodiesel manufacturing equipment. The key of ultrasonic biodiesel reactor for biodiesel preparation is the catalytic transesterification reaction between fatty acid glycerides and methanol and other low-carbon alcohols. Ultrasound can obviously strengthen the transesterification reaction, especially for heterogeneous reaction system, which can significantly enhance its mixing (emulsification) effect and promote intermolecular contact reaction, The reaction originally required to be carried out at high temperature (high pressure) can be completed at room temperature (or close to room temperature), and the reaction time can be shortened. Ultrasound is used not only in the transesterification reaction process, but also in the separation process of reaction mixture. The yield of biodiesel can exceed 99% within 5 minutes, while the conventional batch reactor system takes more than 1 hour. Ultrasonic processing can shorten the separation time of 5-10 gutter oil and swill oil refining biodiesel technology and equipment required for conventional mixing to less than 15 minutes. In addition, ultrasonic processing can also help to reduce the amount of catalyst required by 50% - 60% and improve the purity of by-product glycerol. The quality of oil has also been greatly improved.



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