20khz High Vibration Power Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersion Equipment

20khz High Vibration Power Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersion Equipment


The manifestation of high vibration ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment is that the transducer moves back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and the amplitude is generally several microns. Such amplitude power density is not enough and can not be used directly. The horn amplifies the amplitude according to the design requirements, isolates the reaction solution and transducer, and also plays the role of fixing the whole ultrasonic vibration system. The tool head is connected with the horn, which transmits the ultrasonic energy vibration to the tool head, and then the tool head emits the ultrasonic energy into the chemical reaction liquid. The upper and lower beams are formed outside the area, and the slurry is fully circulated and moved. There are various forms such as electromagnetic speed regulation, variable speed regulation and explosion-proof variable speed regulation. The stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the different process requirements in each process, and different speeds can be selected according to different process stages. Ultrasonic graphene dispersion equipment has two sets of dispersion systems. The decentralized working capacity is much larger than that of uniaxial dispersion machine, with high efficiency and fast speed. Centering the double end bearing at the upper end of the dispersion shaft and installing the span of the double end rolling bearing can effectively avoid shaking under the dispersion shaft. It is used for hydraulic lifting. The relative height of hydraulic lifting is adjusted according to the relative height of the medium of the dispersion plate, so that the installation of the dispersion plate on the tube is more conducive to the specific position of the dispersion work.



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