38*13*6.3mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Round Ring For Ultrasonic Transducer

38*13*6.3mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Round Ring For Ultrasonic Transducer


Piezoelectric ceramics with a diameter of 38.1mm are most used in the transmitter of cleaning equipment. It can be used in transducers with various frequencies. most manufacturers of cleaning transducers order piezoelectric ceramics of this specification.

Piezoelectric ceramics can output performance according to limited parameters in a short time, but we will not recommend this method. When long-term reliability, long-term operation and high working cycle are necessary conditions, the successful short-term test of piezoelectric system does not mean that long-term use is equally safe and reliable. Incorrect operation will not immediately damage the piezoelectric ceramics, but will reduce the long-term reliability and fail to achieve the expected working cycle.

The reliability of piezoelectric ceramics is affected by load mechanical structure, drive control, service environment and other conditions; In most applications, due to cost reasons, users often want to use piezoelectric ceramics as small as possible However, this makes piezoelectric ceramic components the weakest link in many mechanical design structures In addition, piezoelectric ceramics is a relatively complex material, which is very sensitive Improper operation may cause damage.



38*13*6.3mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Round Ring For Ultrasonic Transducer_Ultrasonic Transducer_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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