38*15*5mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring For Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer

38*15*5mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring For Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer


Generally, the piezoelectric ceramic ring with a diameter of 38mm is used as the component of the transducer of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the transducer with a frequency of 28kHz and 40KHz. Piezoelectric ceramics piezoelectric ceramics are functional ceramic materials that can convert mechanical energy and electrical energy into each other. They belong to inorganic non-metallic materials. At the same time, it has positive and negative piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric ceramic chips produced by Changzhou ultrasonic Electronics Co., Ltd. are mainly used in ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic medical treatment, ultrasonic flowmeter, automatic control and other fields. With outstanding performance and complete specifications, PZT piezoelectric wafers and new composite piezoelectric wafers can meet different types of needs.

Piezoelectric ceramic wafer is a simple and lightweight electrical device. It has been widely used because of its high sensitivity, no magnetic field diffusion and overflow, no copper wire and magnet, low cost, less power consumption and convenient for mass production. It is suitable for the transmission and reception of ultrasonic and infrasound waves. The piezoelectric ceramic sheet with a large area can also detect pressure and vibration.



38*15*5mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring For Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer_Ultrasonic Transducer_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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