Small Power Ultrasonic Transducer For Medical Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Small Power Ultrasonic Transducer For Medical Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner


The medical ultrasonic tooth cleaning transducer uses the high-frequency and high-energy vibration generated by ultrasound to break the dental calculus in the gingival sulcus through the smooth working head of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and then washes down the gravel and plaque through the water mist generated by the cleaning machine, so as to achieve the purpose of periodontal health care.

Main functions of ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine

Sterilization, disinfection and dental disease prevention: using the strong energy of ultrasound and the internal heat generated by the warming effect, it can remove the dirt and plaque in the mouth and all over the teeth, kill the bacteria at the same time, effectively prevent the invasion of stubborn bacteria on the teeth, and achieve the purpose of sterilization, disinfection and dental disease prevention.

Protecting teeth, strengthening teeth and whitening teeth: because ultrasonic tooth cleaning has the effect of external vibration and internal massage, it can not only remove dirt and dirt, but also massage teeth inside and outside, and this massage effect is not achieved by general massage. Therefore, ultrasound has an extraordinary effect on tooth protection, health care and whitening.

Eliminate breath: the powerful ultrasonic energy of ultrasonic bubble can clean the mouth while cleaning teeth, descaling, sterilization and disinfection, so as to achieve the effect of removing breath and make the breath fresh.



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