Dental Ultrasonic Transducer For Ultrasonic Tooth Scaling Instruments

Dental Ultrasonic Transducer For Ultrasonic Tooth Scaling Instruments


The mechanical vibration of ultrasonic tooth cleaning transducer can make the water flow form a unique ultrasonic bubble. Using the strong ultrasonic energy released at the moment of ultrasonic bubble rupture, it can loosen the stubborn dental calculus, achieve the purpose of tooth cleaning, descaling and removing dental calculus, and avoid the damage to the teeth caused by general mechanical vibration. What's more, ultrasonic energy can easily remove calculus and plaque hidden between teeth and under gums.

Ultrasonic scaling, also known as supragingival scaling (commonly known as tooth washing), refers to the removal of supragingival calculus with scaling instruments.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning is through the high-frequency vibration of ultrasound, and the damage to the tooth surface is very small, the time of tooth washing is also very short, the treatment is convenient, the effect is obvious, and will not harm oral health. No anesthetic, no side effects, easy to spend in music leisure waiting. No injury, pain, cross infection and long-term injury to teeth. Aseptic operation shall be strictly implemented in the whole process. The original color of the teeth can be restored after washing the tooth stones and food residues on the surface of the teeth.



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