10L Multi-function Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner With Sweep Frequency

10L Multi-function Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner With Sweep Frequency

10L 240W multifunctional single tank ultrasonic cleaner, digital accurate display of time and temperature, pulse with heating function; It adopts high-quality ultrasonic transducer, which can continuously and stably output strong power, with good cleaning effect, high efficiency and long service life. Special for industrial mass cleaning, which can be started up for a long time.

Product features

The ultrasonic cleaner can work for a long time and is specially used for industrial mass cleaning;

With heating function, 30 ~ 80 ℃ adjustable, digital accurate display;

Su304 high-quality imported stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, not easy to rust, acid and alkali resistance, durable;

Strong cleaning power, good dust removal, degreasing, rust removal and oxidation effect, and the workpiece shines after cleaning;

Ordinary tap water, alcohol and solvent can be used for cleaning;

Product description

1. Main applications: decontamination, degreasing, dust removal, descaling, deoxidation, mixing and extraction;

2. Applicable industries: electronics, jewelry, hardware, etc;

3. Example: Hardware Factory cleans hardware in large quantities;

4. Function: intelligent numerical control, constant temperature heating;

5. Ultrasonic frequency:28/40KHz(28/54/68/80/120/200kHz customizable);

6. Ultrasonic power: 240W; 

7. Time setting: 1 ~ 60 minutes;

8. Heating power: 450W;

9. Temperature range: 30 ~ 80 degrees;

10. Volume of cleaning tank: 10L;

11. Size of cleaning tank (L * w * h): 300 * 240 * 150mm;

12. Material: SUS304 imported stainless steel;

13. Process: the cleaning tank is welded seamlessly without water leakage;

14. Circuit: GVS numerical control circuit scheme

15. High quality ultrasonic vibrator with continuous and stable output and uniform cleaning;

16. Basic configuration: stainless steel sound reduction cover and stainless steel cleaning basket (optional).



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