Ultrasonic Algae Removal Transducer Anti-Fouling Water Treatment System

Ultrasonic Algae Removal Transducer Anti-Fouling Water Treatment System

ultrasonic anti-fouling and algal water treatment machinery 

ultrasound algae wiping out sensor ultrasonic algae removing transducer 

Ultrasonic anti-fouling water treatment equipment is an elastic mechanical wave of physical medium. It is a form of physical energy with the characteristics of aggregation, orientation, reflection and transmission. Ultrasonic wave produces mechanical effect, thermal effect, cavitation effect, pyrolysis and free radical effect, acoustic flow effect, mass transfer effect and thixotropic effect in water. Ultrasonic algae removal technology mainly uses mechanical and cavitation effect to produce algae extraction and fragmentation, cell destruction or, growth inhibition and so on.

Ultrasonic wave causes the alternating compression and extension of particles in the propagation. Through mechanical action, thermal effect and sound flow, algal cells can be broken and chemical bonds in material molecules can be broken. At the same time, cavitation can make the microbubbles in the liquid expand rapidly and close suddenly, resulting in shock wave and jet, which can destroy the structure and configuration of physical biofilm and nucleus.

Ultrasound can also change the binding state of biological tissues through thixotropic effect, resulting in thinning of cell fluid and cytoplasmic precipitation.



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