Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner For Cleaning Equipment

Customized Strong Power Industrial Submersible Ultrasonic Cleaner For Car Metal Parts Degreasing Cleaning Cleaning Equipment

The input submersible ultrasonic vibration box device is composed of stainless steel vibration plate and ultrasonic generator. When the standard ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for a specific working environment, in addition to special specifications, the input vibration plate device can also be used. The existing ultrasonic cleaning device can be refitted into an existing ultrasonic cleaning device; The ultrasonic vibration plate is to bond the ultrasonic transducer into the closed stainless steel 316 material box or titanium material box, and connect it with the split ultrasonic generator through the outgoing wire, which can be easily put into the cleaning solution. It is usually used in large electroplating production lines and various types of non-standard equipment to remove oil, dust, wax and clean the workpiece before surface treatment, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. It can be made into bottom vibration type according to the placement direction Side hanging type, overhead type, etc; The configuration is flexible, and the ultrasonic power is designed according to the actual size of the tank.

Performance characteristics:

1. The ultrasonic vibration plate of the submersible adopts the split design of ultrasonic generator and vibration box, which is easy to maintain.

2. It is flexible and convenient to use. It is suitable for various cleaning requirements. The vibrating plate can be arranged on the bottom, side or top of the cleaning tank as required.

3. The waterproof ultrasonic vibrating plate has a wide range of applications. In addition to cleaning, it can be used in various homogeneous and environmental water treatment applications.

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