3000W 25KHZ Large Multi Tanks Ultrasonic Cleaner & Industrial Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

The multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning workpieces with high cleanliness. This machine is equipped with five cleaning tanks, two ultrasonic cleaning tanks, one soaking tank, one spray tank, and one rust prevention tank. Suitable for oil and rust removal of parts and hydraulic components, it is an ideal equipment for workpiece decontamination and cleaning of electroplating parts before electroplating.

Cleaning process: hot soak → ultrasonic rough cleaning → ultrasonic rinsing → spray cleaning → rust prevention

Technical parameters:

1. Ultrasonic power: 2000w (single slot)

2. Cleaning tank size: 600 × five hundred × 500mm3

3. Ultrasonic frequency: 20KHz,

4. Each tank is equipped with heating temperature control function, heating power: 3KW

5. Equipped with liquid inlet, overflow port, discharge port, etc.

6. The entire set of equipment is made of high-quality imported stainless steel, with good acid resistance.

Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning:

The high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation through a transducer and propagated to the medium cleaning solvent, Using the "cavitation effect" of ultrasound in the cleaning solvent, the liquid flows and produces tens of thousands of small bubbles. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure zone formed by the longitudinal propagation of ultrasound, while rapidly rupture in the positive pressure zone. It is in this process known as the "cavitation" effect that the bubble rupture generates an instantaneous high pressure of more than 1000 atmospheres, and the continuously generated instantaneous high pressure generates a series of small "explosions" "Constantly impacting the surface, pores, and crevices of the object to be cleaned, rapidly peeling dirt off the surface and crevices of the object, thereby achieving the goal of cleaning the object to be cleaned. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is of good quality and fast speed. For general conventional cleaning methods, cleanliness requirements can be met, especially for objects with complex geometric shapes and various small holes, curved holes, and blind holes to be cleaned, ultrasonic cleaning has a better cleaning effect." Is obvious.

3000W 25KHZ Large Multi Tanks Ultrasonic Cleaner & Industrial Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

3000W 25KHZ Large Multi Tanks Ultrasonic Cleaner & Industrial Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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