1000W 120Khz Piezoelectric High Frequency Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner And Sound Generator

The ultrasonic vibration plate is made according to the actual situation of the user, using high-quality stainless steel, top-secret welding, and impermeable to water. The transducer adopts imported adhesive and screw fixation methods to ensure that the transducer head does not fall off, greatly extending the service life of the transducer, and significantly improving the cleaning effect. It is mainly used for cleaning lines in the pharmaceutical machinery industry and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for cleaning lines in industries such as electronics, machinery, chemicals, food, etc., as well as for the inner wall of a single tank.

1、 Ultrasonic vibration plate function:

1. Acceleration: The acceleration caused by liquid particles. For high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation is very insignificant. At this time, cleaning mainly relies on the acceleration of liquid particles under the action of ultrasound to impact particles, and ultra-precision cleaning of dirt.

2. Cavitation: Cavitation refers to the high-frequency conversion of ultrasonic waves into liquid through the interaction of compression force and pressure reduction over 20000 times per second. When the pressure decreases, a vacuum bubble phenomenon occurs in the liquid. When compressive force is applied, the vacuum core bubbles are crushed by pressure, generating a strong impact force, thereby stripping dirt from the surface of the object to be cleaned, thereby achieving the goal of accurate cleaning.

3. Direct inflow: The phenomenon of ultrasonic waves flowing in a liquid along the direction of sound propagation is called direct inflow. When the acoustic wave intensity is 0.5 W/cm2, the direct inflow is visible to the naked eye, generating a flow perpendicular to the vibration surface, with a flow rate of about 10 cm/s. Through this direct inflow, the slight oil dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned is stirred, and the cleaning liquid on the dirt surface also generates convection. Mixing the solution that dissolves dirt with the new solution accelerates the dissolution rate and plays a significant role in the transportation of dirt.

2、 The ultrasonic vibration plate has the following characteristics:

1. All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable. Using a split structure, the ultrasonic vibration plate and ultrasonic generator are connected to the socket through high-frequency wires, making it easy to use and maintain.

2. The installation is flexible, and the ultrasonic radiation surface can be set on the bottom, side, or top surface of the cleaning tank as required.

1000W 120Khz Piezoelectric High Frequency Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaner And Sound Generator

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