Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 20khz 2600w Sensor Welding Parts For Pvc Pe Pp Welding Machine

The transducer part consists of three parts: a transducer (TRANSDUCER); Amplifier (also known as secondary lever, luffing lever, BOOSTER); Welding head (also known as welding die, HORN or SONTRODE).

TRANSDUCER: The function of a transducer is to convert electrical signals into mechanical vibration signals. There are two physical effects that can be applied to converting electrical signals into mechanical vibration signals. A: Magnetostrictive effect. B: The inverse effect of piezoelectric effects. Magnetostrictive effect is commonly used in early ultrasonic applications, with the advantage of large power capacity; The disadvantages are low conversion efficiency, high production difficulty, and difficulty in mass industrial production. Since the invention of Langevin piezoelectric ceramic transducers, the application of piezoelectric inverse effects has been widely adopted. Piezoelectric ceramic transducers have the advantages of high conversion efficiency and mass production, but the disadvantage is that the power capacity produced is relatively small. The existing ultrasonic machines generally use piezoelectric ceramic transducers. The piezoelectric ceramic transducer is made by clamping the piezoelectric ceramic between two metal front and rear load blocks and tightly connecting them with screws. The typical transducer output has an amplitude of 10 μ About m.

Welding head (HORN): The role of a welding head is to manufacture specific plastic parts, meeting the requirements for the shape and processing range of plastic parts.

The transducer, horn, and welding head are all designed to operate at half the wavelength of the ultrasonic frequency, so their size and shape must be specially designed; Any changes may lead to changes in frequency and processing effects, which need to be made. Durability varies in size depending on the material used. Suitable materials for ultrasonic transducers, horn rods, and welding heads include titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, alloy steel, and so on. Due to the continuous high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves at about 20KHZ, the requirements for materials are very high, and are not acceptable to ordinary materials.

Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 20khz 2600w Sensor Welding Parts For Pvc Pe Pp Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 20khz 2600w Sensor Welding Parts For Pvc Pe Pp Welding Machine_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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