200W Ultrasonic Vibration Screen Component Part Ultrasonic Vibrating Transducer and Generator

The internal displacement energy device of ultrasonic vibrating screen is now widely used in various types of ultrasonic vibrating screen equipment, which increases the ultrasonic vibration of the original electric vibrating screen equipment, improves the screening ability of fine powder of the vibrating screen equipment and increases the screening accuracy of the vibrating screen equipment. The high intensity and large amplitude mechanical vibration of the energy displacement device in the ultrasonic vibration screen can be used in different environments.

The energy displacement device in the ultrasonic vibrating screen is used in a special environment and requires special design to achieve explosion-proof and dust-proof design. Therefore, the ultrasonic transducer is required to have high amplitude, low calorific value, high reliability and other performance. At the same time, the energy displacement device in the ultrasonic vibrating screen also has high requirements for structural materials and related processes.

The current and voltage of the energy displacement device in the ultrasonic vibrating screen must be stable. If the voltage fluctuates, the ultrasonic generator will be unstable, resulting in the burning of the ultrasonic transducer. Here we need to remind you that the ultrasonic transducer on the ultrasonic power supply must match it. If ultrasonic transducer components that cannot be effectively matched without testing are used, the ultrasonic transducer will burn out.

200W Ultrasonic Vibration Screen Component Part Ultrasonic Vibrating Transducer and Generator

200W Ultrasonic Vibration Screen Component Part Ultrasonic Vibrating Transducer and Generator_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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