Toothbrush Clean Cleaning Scalers Ultrasonic Dental Tooth Cleaning Transducer

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning is the most commonly used means of tooth cleaning at present. Through the high-energy and high-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic, the calculus, tooth stains and plaque attached to the tooth surface are broken down, and then the water mist is sprayed to maintain the cooling and washing state, so as to achieve the purpose of tooth cleaning.

The tooth cleaner is composed of an ultrasonic generator and a transducer. The generator emits electromagnetic vibration and amplifies the power. The transducer converts high-frequency electric energy into ultrasonic vibration with a vibration frequency of 20000 Hz to 45000 Hz. The calculus attached to the tooth surface is removed by high-frequency vibration of the working head on the transducer. The working head of the ultrasonic tooth cleaner has various shapes, such as pointed round and flat, etc. The appropriate working head can be selected according to the size and position of the calculus.

In addition, the ultrasonic dental cleaner is also equipped with a water spray system. When the working head vibrates after starting, the water spray system sprays water to the working head to form an aerosol, which plays a cooling role on the one hand, and another important role is to form a cavity, that is, there is a tiny vacuum bubble in the water drop of the spray that quickly collapses to generate energy, which can wash away dental calculus, plaque, etc., and wash away the shattered dental calculus and blood stains.

Toothbrush Clean Cleaning Scalers Ultrasonic Dental Tooth Cleaning Transducer

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