Portable Manual Cutter Machine 40kHz Plastic Ultrasonic Cutting Knife

When the ultrasonic cutting machine cuts, the cutting part has fusion function. Edge sealing of the cut part can prevent the loose organization of the cut material (such as textile material flash). The use of ultrasonic cutting machine can also be expanded, such as hole digging, shovel digging, paint scraping, carving, slicing, etc.

Applicable industries of ultrasonic cutting machine:

1. Plastic and hot plastic door cutting and punching.

2. Cut non-woven or woven fabrics, cut textiles, lace clothes, and cut fabrics. Edge is sealed while the edge is cut.

3. Artificial resin, rubber cutting, raw rubber, soft rubber cutting.

4. Tape and various kinds of film cutting.

5. Paper cutting, printing industry cutting, printed circuit board, trademark.

6. Cut food and plants, such as frozen meat, candy and chocolate.

7. For PVC, rubber, leather, plastic, cardboard, acrylic acid, polypropylene, etc.

8. Cloth cutting

9. Cutting of packaging materials

10. Cut the curtain and shade fabric

11. Cutting in the automobile industry

40kHz Plastic Ultrasonic Cutting Knife

Portable Manual Cutter Machine 40kHz Plastic Ultrasonic Cutting Knife_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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