28KHZ Ultrasonic Algae Removal Transducer And Generator Water Treatment System

Comprehensive advantages of Industrial line:

Industrial line ultrasonic algae remover uses the "comprehensive" ultrasonic frequency group, and the ultrasonic wave is emitted in the water by the transmitter, so that the algae and biofilm in the water can be effectively treated, harmful bacteria and sludge can be eliminated, and its regeneration can be effectively and significantly inhibited, and the water body appearance and water cleanliness can be significantly improved:

1. The new chameleon technology can be used to facilitate frequency modulation according to the actual situation of application and microorganism;

2. It can be equipped with a cleaning brush device to automatically clean the launching head, which saves maintenance and makes the operation safer;

3. Reduce the concentration, turbidity, BOD and COD levels of suspended sludge in water plants and sewage plants;

4. Greatly reduce the number of free bacteria (Escherichia coli, enterococcus, etc.) in the water and eliminate the odor;

5. Accelerate the reaction time of sewage treatment plant, save energy consumption of process equipment, and comprehensively raise standards;

6. It is widely used for water quality maintenance in water sources, swimming pools, cooling towers, agriculture and landscape;

7. Low power consumption (~25W), and can operate with solar energy, low carbon and environmental protection;

8. No chemical agent is required to effectively protect the pump valve and the environment;

9. Built-in 12-wave group can set the most effective frequency at any time according to the type and seasonal change of algae, which is applicable to most blue-green algae and black algae;

10. It will not affect the organisms and plants in the water, and is 100% environmentally friendly, with CE certification;

11. The radiation area is large and can cover the water surface with a radius of 200m (~50000 square meters).

28KHZ Ultrasonic Algae Removal Transducer And Generator Water Treatment System

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