100W Ultrasonic Transducer for Algae Removal Ultrasonic Algae Controller

Water is a good conductor of sound waves. This high-frequency wave spreads in water with little attenuation and can penetrate far. For example, a 220V 80W ultrasonic device has an effective emission radius of 100~180m and an effective emission angle of 180 degrees. Under the action of specific frequency of ultrasound, algae cells produce resonance, which causes the cell membrane to crack, and the algae will decay and die, first floating and then sinking. At the same time, ultrasonic technology can also deal with a variety of bacteria, viruses and all fungi. Many hydroxyl free radicals produced by ultrasound can degrade the algal toxins secreted by algae without causing secondary pollution, and have no toxic effect on other aquatic organisms and humans.

Product features:

● The energy-saving effect is obvious, which can be reflected in 15 working days.

● Novel design, simple structure and low failure rate.

● Automatic tracking of ultrasonic frequency and automatic protection function.

● The removal rate of algae in bending vibration mode is more than 85%.

● Simple operation, high efficiency, strong continuity and easy maintenance.

Product advantages:

(1) The time required to repair the environment is short;

(2) The repair project has no impact on the surrounding environment;

(3) The need for repair technology funds is small;

(4) No secondary pollution;

(5) In-situ repair can make the pollutants be removed in situ, and the operation is simple;

(6) The operation cost is very low, only about 8% of the traditional pollution control method.

100W Ultrasonic Transducer for Algae Removal Ultrasonic Algae Controller

100W Ultrasonic Transducer for Algae Removal Ultrasonic Algae Controller_Company dynamics_Pulisonic Ultrasonic

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