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Working mode of ultrasonic mask welding machine

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Working mode of ultrasonic mask welding machine

At present, the non woven fabric masks are mainly produced by the ultrasonic mask welding machine. They are mainly composed of non woven inner ear mask, nonwoven outer ear belt mask, non-woven fabric bandage mask, non-woven cloth cup mask, non-woven folding mask, nonwoven duck mouth mask and so on.

Working mode of ultrasonic mask welding machine

When the mouth cover is moved to the processing position, the ultrasonic wave automatically generates, forms a micro amplitude and high frequency vibration on the ear belt, and instantaneously transforms it into heat. The material that is to be processed by the melt, finally makes the ear tape permanent paste or embedded in the inside of the mask body. It is the final processing procedure of the inner ear mask and only one operation is needed. The operator put the mask body in the mask plate, and the subsequent action is finished automatically by the equipment.

Working process of ultrasonic mask welding machine

(respirator body) artificial feeding, automatic feeding of ear belt, ultrasonic ear belt melting, non-woven fabric edge strip entry and wrapping, ultrasonic edge strip fusion, edge strip cutting, finished product output, counting, finished product stack and conveyor belt delivery

Structure of ultrasonic mask welding machine

1. aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, to ensure that the size of the finished product is accurate;

The 2. stainless steel fixture can be adjusted by right and left.

The 3. tensioning wheel set, adjusting cloth tension, thus finished appearance flatness effectively;

4. independent nasal line transport group, convenient adjustment and maintenance; after the nose line insertion, positioning point positioning, so as to effectively ensure the accuracy of the location of the nose line and the stability of the nose line. Full automatic cup type mask machine.

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