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Which fruits and vegetables will have pesticides in our lives?

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Which fruits and vegetables will have pesticides in our lives?

Vegetables and fruits that we eat everyday sprinkle pesticides before picking. How can I wash away the pesticides that are very harmful to the human body after buying home? In fact, the method is very simple. Today, Xiaobian is going to teach you a few easy ways to clean fruits and vegetables. Let's take a look.
How to clean the pesticide of fruit and vegetable easily
Peel: the peel of the banana and the peel of the orange should be washed. Most pesticides remain on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and the removal of outer skins has greatly reduced the chance of exposure to pesticides. The fruits and vegetables should be cleaned before the outer skin is removed. There is also a kind of fungicide, the climate of Taiwan is hot and humid, the farmers will use fungicides to prevent fruit and fruit mouldy and rot, prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables, and reduce the cost of cost. Now it is the rich period of orange, it can be found that the orange is preserved for a long time and not long mouldy. If it is stripped, it is found that the pulp has been damaged, but the outer skin is still not mouldy, so it is necessary to suspect that it is possible to spray too much fungicides. Therefore, it is suggested that even if the fruit, such as citrus, banana, litchi, kiwi and so on, should be cleaned and eaten again, both hands will not be contaminated with the residue of the outer skin, and the pesticide will be eaten.
Room temperature: waving ventilation for 2~3 days. After the crop is applied pesticide, its residual amount will decrease with time. The higher the environment temperature is, the faster the pesticide residues will evaporate and the ultraviolet rays in the sun will destroy the pesticide, and the pesticide on the surface of the vegetable and fruit is exposed in the air, and it will combine with the oxygen in the air to produce oxidation reaction and accelerate the decomposition of the pesticide, such as Ping Junwen. The temperature is high, as long as it is placed at room temperature for 2~3 days. Like ordinary leafy vegetables, as long as the green leaves do not need to be removed, they can be stored for several days at room temperature, so that pesticides can naturally be metabolized.
Wash: first soak after washing the best fruits and vegetables before eating all should be "soaking, flow, brushing, excision" four principles of good cleaning, that is, first soaked, then rinse with small flow of water, then open the water and brush with soft hair, and finally to remove the head and root. When cleaning, do not peel the fruits and vegetables, then soak in the pot full of water, then open the water faucet, open the water faucet, open a small water in a straight line, do not break off and continue too small, soak to let the water flow continuously, soak the water for 15~20 minutes, most of the pesticide is water-soluble, and the pesticide is continuous. The ground is dissolved and taken away by the water.
High temperature heating: hot after the soup do not drink. In addition to the efficacy of high temperature bactericidal, most of the pesticides will be volatilized and decomposed, so the vegetables are eaten after boiling, not only to remove pesticides, but also to remove nitrate, oxalate and other harmful substances. Especially green pepper such as the crop of systematic pesticide, after completely wash the best cut silk hot 1 minutes, the skin under the pesticide can be dissolved, but remember the hot soup containing pesticides, do not eat, and when heated, the best to open the pot cover, so that the pesticide volatilization with steam. He also warned that it is not encouraging to eat lettuce salad if it is not clear about the source of fruits and vegetables, pre food processing and other procedures.
Next, let's take a look at the pesticides in common vegetables.
Which fruits and vegetables contain pesticides
Cowpeas and leeks are more pesticide; cucumber and tomato are more fungicides. Cowpea love snake, plant will use more pesticides. Like onion and leek, root is easy to cause pests such as leek and maggot, often irrigated with stronger pesticides. Some pesticides are highly toxic and easy to remain. The growth environment of cucumber and tomato is large and easy to get sick. Generally, the amount of medicine used is relatively large, especially the use of fungicides. However, compared with pesticides, fungicides are less harmful to the human body.
Chinese cabbage is actually a safe dish. Chinese cabbage is usually planted in the autumn, only in the seedling stage using some insecticides to prevent aphids and Plutella xylostella, the time to go on the market, that is, the time for everyone to eat vegetables is far away, and the pesticide residues are less. So is the cabbage, lettuce.
There are few pesticides in vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse, we can use pest control nets and other physical methods to control pests, so we have less pesticide. Compared with the greenhouses, it looks like natural dishes, but it is more difficult to control pests and diseases. The pesticides used will be more than the greenhouses.
It is the safest to eat leaf vegetables in winter. Leafy vegetables are safe in winter and spring and autumn, because there are few insects and almost no pesticides. But in summer, we should be careful, because at this time not only many insects, but also the greenhouse vegetables almost all have been finished, the vegetable market is sold, the vast majority of the vegetables, more pesticide residues.
Flavored dishes can be eaten more. Sagebrushes stalk, chrysanthemum, coriander and so has a very strong pungent incense, is a natural insect repellent. There are few insects, and these dishes are naturally not used in pesticides.
Of the wild vegetables, only fern is the most natural. Wild vegetables do not contain any pesticide residues, but only fern is natural wild vegetables that grow in the mountains, and amaranth and shepherd's purse are almost all planted. Amaranth pesticide is less prone to shepherd's purse aphids, with more pesticides.
Don't superstitious insect eyes Vegetable & Fruit. Vegetables and fruits are only insect eyes, no bugs, bugs that killed by pesticides. And the application time from harvest vegetables eaten in pesticide residue decomposition, high.
Less fruit with short growth cycle. For example, cherry, from germination to fruit ripening for more than 2 months, it is impossible to fight too much pesticide.
There are few fruit pesticides in the famous place of origin. The climate of Xinjiang is dry, with fewer pests and fruits and less pesticides. Apples and pears in Shaanxi and Shanxi are also less pesticide residues than in the south.
The pesticides must be cleaned and eaten.

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