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We have to keep the safety of the tongue on the tip of the tongue

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We have to keep the safety of the tongue on the tip of the tongue

In the comprehensive treatment of crop diseases and insect pests, chemical control is still the most effective means, especially in the case of sudden disasters, there are no other methods to replace chemical pesticides, agricultural production can not be separated from pesticides. But at present, because of the illegal use of pesticides in China, the technology of pesticide application is backward, as well as the structure of pesticide varieties marked by "3 70%", the agricultural pesticide contaminated farmland is about 1.6 * 107hm2, and the rate of pesticide residues in the main agricultural products is very high. With the improvement of the living standard, the problem of pesticide residues in vegetables is becoming more and more concerned. How to minimize the pesticide residues in vegetables and reduce the harm to the human body has become a hot research focus in recent years.

At present, strategies for solving pesticide residue problems are as follows: 1. Rational use of pesticides; 2, strengthen pesticide residue monitoring; 3, strengthen legal system management. Of course, the most fundamental way to solve pesticide residues lies in the scientific and rational use of pesticides to reduce the pollution of the source of pesticides. However, the problems mentioned above are unavoidable in the current agricultural production. Therefore, the technology of pesticide residue removal in vegetables is studied so as to guide the detainer to reduce the harm of pesticide residues before the table. It is also one of the most important solutions.

At present, the method of solving and degradation of pesticide residues is nothing less than the following:

[clear water]
Washing with water and washing water is the most basic way to clean fruits and vegetables. It is simple, cheap and has good applicability. The key is to directly use water as a medium, and no chemical composition will cause two pollution. No damage to the nutrition and tissue of the fruit and vegetable itself.
Many studies have shown that soaking in water has no significant effect on pesticide residues removal. In particular, the effect of deep purification is almost zero!


For those fruits and vegetables with waxy surfaces, water-soluble pesticides are difficult to penetrate, and fat soluble pesticides are generally fixed in wax layers.
Therefore, peeling is one of the most reliable ways to remove pesticides, which can remove more than 90% pesticide residues, but green leafy vegetables are not applicable.
For the absorption of pesticides, although the removal efficiency of pesticide residues peeling can be reduced, but still effective.
Individual pesticide systemic effect is strong, such as potatoes and phorate, can remove about 50%.

Chemical detergent is actually a by-product of developing petroleum waste. Because of its solubility in water, its essence has been neglected. At the same time, because of its low cost and good washing performance, it was quickly accepted by the people and packed it into the society with the color and fragrance. The detergents of chemical detergents mainly come from surfactants. Because the surface active agent can reduce the effect of surface tension, it can infiltrate into the fibrous gap which can not be permeated by water, and squeeze the dirt that is hidden in the gap of fiber. Chemical detergents are squeezed in these gaps, and water is hard to clean them. In the same way, surfactants can also infiltrate human body. About 0.5% of the detergents on the skin come into the bloodstream, and if there is a wound on the skin, the permeability is increased by more than 10 times. Chemical detergent toxins entering the body can reduce the concentration of calcium ions in blood, acidification of blood, and fatigue. These toxins also reduce the detoxification of the liver. The accumulation of toxins that expelled from the body in the body will cause a great deal of accumulation, which will lead to a decrease in immunity and aggravation of liver cell lesions, which is likely to induce cancer. When chemical detergent invades the human body, it will increase its toxicity by several times when combined with other chemicals. It is especially strong to induce cancer. According to the report, artificial experiments to cultivate gastric cancer cells and injecting LAS, a basic substance of chemical detergent, can accelerate the deterioration of cancer cells. The blood solubility of LAS is also very strong, which is easy to cause changes in hemoglobin and cause anemia. The proliferation of chemical products is the biggest source of human cancer, and chemical detergents are the most direct and close necessities of life. When people use chemical detergent for washing hair, washing dishes, washing clothes and bathing, chemical toxins are permeating from thousands of pores. The human body is taking drugs on day and day, chemical pollution infiltrates from the mouth, infiltrates from the skin, accumulates in a latent period. Because the harm of this pollution can not be obvious in a short time, it is often ignored. However, trace pollution continues into the body, Many a little make a mickle. can have serious consequences, leading to a variety of diseases of the human body.

The main principle of ozone degradation of pesticides is oxidation, and its best effect is to treat leafy vegetables.
With ozone treatment for 20-30 minutes, the residue of organophosphorus and pyrethroid pesticides can be reduced by 60-70%, but this is equivalent to the use of detergents.
In addition, pesticides may also produce more toxic substances after being oxidized.
Ozone is also a source of pollution in indoor air. Therefore, it is not recommended that household use ozone disinfection to treat fruits and vegetables.
In fact, in industrial applications, mainly ozone sterilization, rather than the removal of pesticide residues.
The main advantage of ultrasonic is decontamination (such as dust, surface humus), it can easily deal with all kinds of potholed. In particular, the emergence of acoustic catalyst technology makes it possible for civilian ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic fruit and vegetable purifier into the kitchen, purify life.
The removal efficiency of pesticide residues is very high, in the optimized conditions, only need 5-10 minutes can have a good effect. Deep purification of adhesion of pesticide residues! Moreover, no chemical cleaning agent is needed directly with water as medium. Safe and efficient!

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