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Use of 28kHz frequency for automobile parts cleaning machine

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Use of 28kHz frequency for automobile parts cleaning machine

Application scope and cleaning of ultrasonic cleaning machine
1 Overview
The sound wave in a certain frequency range of the automobile part cleaning machine can play the role of cleaning the workpiece in the liquid medium. This cleaning technology has been paid much attention by all walks of life since the world. The use of ultrasonic cleaning has greatly improved the efficiency and effect of cleaning. In the past, the cleaning of dead, blind and difficult to touch has always made people feel confused. The development and application of ultrasonic cleaning makes this work easy. In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, ultrasonic cleaning is also closely related to our daily work. Ultrasonic cleaning machine has evolved after several generations. The technology is more advanced and more effective. Similarly, its price is more and more accepted by the society, and has been widely used in all trades and professions.
2 scope of application
In all the cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning is the highest efficiency and the best effect. Ultrasonic cleaning of ultrasonic cleaning equipment can achieve such effect. It is closely related to its unique working principle and cleaning method. We know that in production and life, there are many things that need to be cleaned, and many kinds and links need to be cleaned, such as the cleaning of pollutants, the dredging of small holes, and the common manual cleaning methods that can not meet the requirements of the special-shaped objects and the hidden parts of the objects, even if it is steam cleaning and high pressure water jet. Cleaning also can not meet the needs of higher cleanliness. Ultrasonic cleaning can kill bacteria, dissolve organic pollutants, prevent corrosion and so on. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in all walks of life.
(1) machinery industry: removing rust grease; cleaning of measuring equipment; removing oil and rust of mechanical parts; cleaning of engine, carburetor and automobile parts; filter, dredging and cleaning of filter net, etc.
(2) surface treatment industry: removal of oil and rust before electroplating; ion plating before ultrasonic cleaning and washing machine; phosphating treatment; clearing carbon accumulation; clearing oxide skin; clearing the polishing paste; surface activation treatment of metal workpiece, etc.
(3) instrumentation industry: cleaning of high precision parts of precision parts before assembly.
1 brief introduction
In twenty-first Century, the demand for the quality of cleaning products is becoming higher and higher, especially the implementation of the new GMP in the pharmaceutical industry, which further promotes the quality of our medicines in line with the European Union and the United States. The advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology can realize the controllability of the process of drug cleaning, and the traditional manual cleaning. And brush cleaning can not do this because of its own disadvantages. With the pace of independent innovation in industry and the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the rapid development of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning agent will be promoted. The huge market demand in the field of ultrasonic cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry will bring up a new future of China's ultrasonic cleaning industry.

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