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Ultrasonic wave can remove the burr in industry

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Ultrasonic wave can remove the burr in industry

Ultrasonic energy produced by ultrasound acts on a liquid in a liquid that vibrate in a sparse state, and tearing into small holes (that is, the interior is a vacuum) these holes produce hundreds of atmospheric pressure instantaneously at the time of rupture, which is called the cavitation image. Ultrasonic deburring is to remove the burrs attached to components by using the instantaneous impact force produced by the cavitation phenomenon of hundreds of atmospheres. Ultrasonic deburring is not all the burrs applicable, mainly for some micro burrs, generally if the burr needs to be observed with a microscope, you can try to use ultrasonic method to remove. For the burr that is visible to the naked eye, it is mainly to see the strength of the bond, and the burr with weak bond strength can be used by ultrasonic. In general, it is impossible to use the ultrasonic method for the burr to be treated with the tool.
Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in industry, which is mainly used in the cleaning requirements of zero and components, such as cleaning, cleaning before assembly, cleaning of the parts before assembly, cleaning of complex geometry (porous, deep hole, curved hole, blind hole, micropore), and small and medium parts with strong fouling. Cleaning.
In addition to removing the oil from the surface of the parts, the ultrasonic cleaning machine also has good cleaning effect for the paste like dirt, such as grinding paste, polishing paste, etc., which are retained on the surface of the parts. In addition, it can also be used to remove the rusty layer or oxide layer on the surface of parts. Ultrasonic cleaning has a good effect on scavenging carbon deposition (special cleaning solution is needed) and has more mature experience.
In the manufacturing and repair Department of diesel locomotives, ultrasonic cleaning has been applied to the cleaning of some medium and small parts and precision pairs, such as cylinder head, rolling bearing, gear, valve parts, pump parts, all kinds of filter elements, short axis, high pressure oil pump plunger pair, injector needle valve pair, high pressure oil pump discharge valve and so on. . Abroad, high power ultrasonic cleaning equipment has been used to clean large parts and parts of diesel engine block and locomotive. The diesel engine repair factory in our country also began to use the high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the engine block to be repaired (the diameter of the cylinder is 150~230 mm), and achieved the ideal cleaning effect.
The ultrasonic cleaning technology is simple, easy to operate, low working intensity, good cleaning quality, high cleaning efficiency, and easy to realize zero and automatic cleaning of parts, so it is a kind of highly potential cleaning technology.

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