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The status and development trend of fruit and vegetable purifier in 2018

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The status and development trend of fruit and vegetable purifier in 2018

In recent years, as more and more fruits and vegetables have been polluted by pesticide, the purifier of fruit and vegetable has been concerned by many Chinese families and consumers, and with the continuous enrichment of the material living standard, the demand for the health of people is becoming higher and higher, and the purifier of fruit and vegetable will usher in the vast development market and use the empty space. Between. The following are the views of Changzhou senior purifiers manufacturer on the status and development trend of fruit and vegetable purifiers.

Juicers, yogurt machines may be known to many people, but fruit and vegetable purifier is not familiar to people, perhaps because of the single variety, the price is expensive, the market is not spread, so this food machinery small household appliances do not go as expected as expected to go red China market, into thousands of households kitchen, instead of large vegetables and fruit clear. Washing equipment is very popular in the application of fruit and vegetable processing enterprises. But in the pervasive "dangerous" age of pesticides, hormones and chemical additives, the cleaning of fruits and vegetables in the traditional way seems to be unable to meet the requirements and standards of food safety. In view of the promotion and development of various factors, the future fruit and vegetable cleaning machine will be bright in the market and should be realized. Some value.

The traditional way of cleaning fruit and vegetable is to wash with tap water, salt water, rice water, detergent and so on. A little laziness may only use tap water to flush a "meaning". It has been proved that chemicals, preservatives, chemical preservatives, growth hormones and other chemical residues in fruits and vegetables are worried about the danger that the naked eye can't see. Some experts said that if the operation is right, the traditional method will play a certain cleaning effect, but there will still be invalid or cause the risk of two pollution. Therefore, the existence of fruit and vegetable washing machines is necessary, and is also a good help for families in daily life to improve food safety and quality.

Fruit and vegetable purifier mainly uses ozone water to decompose the harmful residue of fruit and vegetable, which can effectively sterilize and degrade pesticides, ensure food safety and promote human health. Therefore, the author believes that, as the fruit and vegetable are more and more polluted by the pesticide, the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine has not been widely used in the public family, but it has also been accepted by many ordinary families. It is believed that the fruit and vegetable purifier will be the third category following the air purifier and water purifier in the near future. Healthy small household appliances.

Market status of fruit and vegetable purifier

In fact, fruit and vegetable purifier has already introduced the Chinese market from Japan more than 10 years ago. But it has been limited by "little product types, lack of big enterprise participation and promotion" and other factors. It has been unable to get rapid detonating in the market and popularizing the family. However, in recent years, as more and more fruits and vegetables have been contaminated by pesticides, the fruits and vegetables purifiers have attracted the attention of many Chinese families and consumers.

In the view of many consumers, the rise of small household appliances, such as soya bean milk machine, juicer and bread machine in recent years, seems to have dispelled the concerns and worries of the food safety. This is not the case. Large quantities of pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals and other substances that remain on the surface of fruits and vegetables are neglected because their eyes are invisible.

In the Chinese market for many years, the fruit and vegetable purifier is still using ozone technology to produce ozone through ionization and the strong oxidation ability of ozone to make the chemical reaction of ozone with harmful substances, such as pesticides and fertilizers, which remain on the surface of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, the flow and ozone of the swirl spray and the ozone are decomposed into vibration caused by the decomposition of bubbles in the oxygen process to remove all kinds of harmful substances that remain on the food surface of vegetables, fruits, fish and so on, and do not cause two times of pollution to the fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables washed can extend the fresh-keeping period by 2-3 times. The health of the consumers and the ease of eating.

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