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The relationship between the cleaning degree of household dishwasher and the temperature

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The relationship between the cleaning degree of household dishwasher and the temperature

Dishwasher washing dishes at high temperature is more energy consuming, but the effect of washing dishes is not much different from that of low temperature.
"The use of high temperature washing dishes, from pre washing to main washing and rinsing and drying, will make the heating tube more power consuming." As for the difference between the high temperature and low temperature selection of dishwasher, a German brand household appliance technician told reporters that household appliances are indeed affected by consumption habits in terms of energy consumption. A machine that can wash 9 sets of 100 pieces of tableware at the same time with the brand is used as an example. The energy consumption is 0.88 degrees, and the power consumption is 1.5 centigrade at 70 centigrade. By contrast, the energy consumption at 70 C is about 70% higher than that at 50 C.

However, many people think that the use of high temperature can wash the bowl more clean different, experts say that the use of high temperature 70 and 50 degrees centigrade, washing dishwashing in fact a little difference, but the latter takes more time. But the reason why manufacturers set different temperature stalls is to take into account the needs of some consumers for cleaning special items, such as bottles.

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