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Technological process of electrolysis ultrasonic cleaning machine

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Technological process of electrolysis ultrasonic cleaning machine

The electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of 316L stainless steel tank body, ultrasonic cleaning system, ultrasonic power supply, electrolytic circuit system, electrode, tray, filter circulation system, timing device, panel appliance switch device. The application scope of the product: mold type: injection mold, instrument precision mold, connector die and precision density Sealing mold, stamping die, molding mold, mold gas gas residual layer, high temperature formation of sulfide, fireproof plastic residue, color residue, mold surface oxide, as well as various mold rust stains, oil pollution and so on.

1. electrolytic cleaning is a cleaning method to remove dirt on metal surface by electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process of chemical decomposition of matter under the action of electric current. During electrolysis, the dirt on the metal surface starts to fall off and exfoliates under the impact of ultrasonic waves. In the metal surface, some sulphides, gas, resin fragments, animal and plant oil, mineral oil, paraffin, carbon deposit and oxidation layer are used to remove these dirt by electrolysis, called electrolytic degreasing.

2. when the current passes through the aqueous solution containing a specially formulated electrolyte, oxygen is generated near the cathode of the electrolyzer, and the negative pole generates hydrogen. The metal parts that are to be cleaned are placed in the cathode of the electrolyzer. In the process of electrolysis, there will be small hydrogen production on the surface of the metal. These small bubbles cause the dirt to be stripped from the metal surface.

3. ultrasonic cleaning is the process of transforming the transducer from electrical energy to mechanical energy by using the high frequency power supply of 40KHZ. In this process, the transducer delivers huge energy to the bath solution, producing positive and negative pressure zones in the liquid, forming tens of thousands of hole bubbles, in the continuous formation of explosion, the impact is cleaned on the surface of the metal, so that the metal surface dirt quickly detached.

The 4. circulation system is made up of corrosion resistant magnetic pumps and filters, which make the cleaning and falling dirt quickly isolated from the cotton core and reduce the floatation on the liquid surface. At the same time, the electrolysis of the solution can be accelerated and the utilization ratio of the solution can be purified.

5. the ultrasonic cleaning machine is very important for the application of the technology of ultrasonic cleaning machine. The general conservative process is degreasing, washing, hydrochloric acid removing, washing, neutralizing, washing, adjusting, washing, phosphating, washing and drying. The biggest disadvantage of this process is that it is difficult to rinse the residual acid after the acid cleaning of the complex parts of the structure, especially after the phosphating of the welding assembly, the residual liquid in the joint has a effect on the processing of the post process.
6. when the workpiece is sprayed, the rust will appear along the joint after a short time, and the surface of the coating will be damaged. It seriously affects the appearance and internal quality of the product. Such as motorcycle wheels, fuel tanks, frame, anti-theft door and so on. In recent years, good results have been achieved in the research and practice of the ultrasonic cleaning machine technology in phosphating treatment, improving the quality of the product and preventing the reversion of the coating. The liquid in the ultrasonic cleaning machine is difficult to expel in the welding seam, such as oil removal, rust removal, water washing, surface adjustment and phosphating, and the washing can not be completely cleaned up. The inclusions in the wet and hot conditions are very easy to cause the workpiece to be yellowing and rusting.

7. if the residual liquid can not be completely dried during the drying process, and then the powder is sprayed to dry at high temperature, the residual liquid will exudate the weld due to the effect of thermal expansion, which will affect the combination of the coating and the metal surface, resulting in the adhesion of the coating and even out of the coating. The ultrasonic cleaning temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is an important factor affecting the cleaning speed. The proper improvement of the cleaning temperature can increase the cavitation capacity and shorten the cleaning time, but beyond a certain temperature, the cavitation effect is reduced because of the increase of steam pressure. Therefore, a certain temperature must be maintained. The test indicates that the water-soluble medium is generally the best at 50 C 5.

Due to the uniqueness of ultrasonic, ultrasonic cleaning machine is applied to all walks of life. If you want to know more details, you can go to the relevant website to inquire for reference.
First, the electrolysis cleaning system is to launch the gas to the metal surface, using the effect of the sauna to remove the dirty material from the metal appearance, the impurity, and can completely remove the resin composition and moisture; float up through the ultrasonic vibration and dirt, and the metal is attached to the cathode, even if the dirt in a fairly small corner can be completely removed.
Second, restore the metal to the original cupric green and restore the original beauty of the metal.

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