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Technical requirements for ultrasonic metal welding

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Technical requirements for ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic metal welding has some special technical requirements, such as high power ultrasonic generator, high wear-resistant welding head, high quality transducer and high quality control system. Ultrasonic metal welding machine produced by national Sheng ultrasonic production fully meets the special process of ultrasonic metal welding.

1, high power capacity and stable ultrasonic generator: stable ultrasonic generator first requires frequency automatic tracking. Automatic frequency tracking system can ensure the transducer work at the resonance state, the maximum amplitude of the welding head. Guosheng ultrasonic power adopts the world's most advanced PLL PLL frequency automatic tracking technology, replacing moulds and working without frequency modulation.

Stable ultrasonic generator also requires constant amplitude function and amplitude stepless adjustable. The constant amplitude function needs to control the actual current of the transducer, which is the key to stable production; the stepless adjustable amplitude of the amplitude is the basic to ensure the use of the equipment, such as the welding of copper on the same equipment, and the welding of the aluminum material. The nominal power capacity of 20kHz's machine is 3600W, which can reach the limit output of 5400W. Other domestic companies often falsely label power capacity.

2, ultrasonic welding metal requires high wear-resistant welding head: This requires high hardness of the welding head, and the ultrasonic itself requires good toughness, which causes a contradiction. Good bonding both high hardness and better toughness. Chu Xin machinery made of high-quality alloy steel welding, life and manufacturing accuracy comparable to similar products in Europe and america. Other domestic companies have not mastered the core technology of the welding head, all can not be compared.

3, high quality transducer: transducer is the core component of ultrasonic. It is equivalent to motor motor. Metal welding requires the transducer to have a large power capacity and a small attenuation for a long time. Guosheng ultrasound has unique transducer manufacturing technology to ensure high-quality transducers. Such as 20kHz transducer, can bear more than 5kW load. Similar transducers from other domestic companies can only withstand about 1.5kW of load. The transducer can not see the advantages and disadvantages on the surface, it can only be judged on the parameters, but the supplier seldom tells the parameters.

Judgment method: 1. if the manufacturer has no impedance analyzer, it is directly determined that they do not have the ability to detect, not to mention production capacity; 2. if the producer has an impedance analyzer, the dynamic impedance of the metal welding transducer is under 2 ohms, and the dynamic impedance of a plastic welding transducer is 10 Europe if it is tested. Right and right.

4, ultrasonic metal welding needs a complete set of high quality control system: generally, there are three basic control modes of welding energy, time and height, and various quality control software meet the different needs. Many domestic companies basically do not have welding energy control mode, only a simple time control mode. The energy calculation method for real transducer current multiplied by the voltage, the time integration, in order to reflect the real welding output energy. In China, some manufacturers have found that some manufacturers use the current of power to multiply the voltage, and the time integration, which can not reflect the real output, is a fraudulent practice, and should be vigilant.

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