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Principle of ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese Medicine

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Principle of ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese Medicine

Ultrasonic extraction technology has been widely applied in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine. Ultrasonic extraction is the use of ultrasonic cavitation effect to increase the penetration of solvent, improve the dissolution rate of drugs and the number of dissolution, thus increase the diffusion of material components, shorten the extraction time and accelerate the extraction process.
Ultrasonic wave can produce mechanical effect, cavitation effect and thermal effect. When ultrasonic generator produces supersonic frequency signal higher than 20kHz, it travels through the immersion transducer to the same frequency of mechanical shock and propagates into the extract medium, and radiates in the extraction liquid in the form of super audio longitudinal wave to make the extraction liquid. The shock produces a lot of tiny bubbles and then blasting, which is called the effect of "cavitation" continuously acting on the solute, forming a small local impact on the surface of the material, so that the material is broken down and decomposed quickly.
Under the special effect of ultrasonic cavitation and comminution, the cavitation bubbles produced by the cells in the medium of solvent break down and break up, making the solvent permeated into the cell, so that the components in the cells are dissolved in the solvent. Under the action of ultrasonic vibration, the components are dissolved in the solvent, and the effective rate is raised, so as to achieve the purpose of extracting effective components.

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