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Medical ultrasonic liposuction

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Medical ultrasonic liposuction

Many people fail in the attempt of traditional ways of losing weight, will try to liposuction liposuction slimming. Ya Liang ultrasonic liposuction is one of liposuction plastic surgery, great security. Here we introduce ultrasonic liposuction.


The new technology of ultrasonic liposuction liposuction

In 1982, Italy physician Fisher and Fournier, a French physician, began to carry out liposuction surgery. The number of liposuction surgery was increased annually, especially in the United States. In 2001, about 275463 people in the United States underwent liposuction surgery. In China, liposuction was used to sculpt and lose weight. All over the body, as long as the skin is hoarding too much fat, it can be extracted. Women often liposuction was the site of a double chin, upper arm, abdomen, waist, thigh and leg. Men are women's emulsified breasts and beer belly.

The newly developed ultrasonic liposuction machine, is the use of ultrasonic fat dissolving first liposuction and then to smaller tube extraction. Because the liposuction tube diameter is fine, the destruction of blood vessels is less, the amount of bleeding can be reduced, the fat can be removed with a large area, and it is not easy to destroy the nerve, and the pain will be reduced after the operation.

Ya Liang ultrasonic liposuction tube diameter smaller, but also can be used for small parts such as sculpture: chin, cheeks, knees and ankles. It can also be used for the treatment of body odor in the underarm sweat glands and the elimination of the sweat glands, and to eliminate the hyperplasia of mammary glands in male breast milk. With cooling system, the ultrasonic bar will not overheat, so there will be no burn skin.

Ya Liang the biggest advantages of ultrasonic liposuction is safe. Traditional high negative pressure liposuction surgery, because to push hard, so the operation of other tissues such as nerve, blood vessels, such as the destruction of the body, resulting in more bleeding; if sucking too much fat, sometimes there will be postoperative risk of fat embolism, although the complication rate is not big.

Supersonic liposuction machine only plays a role in fat, it is not easy to destroy the blood vessels, nerve and other tissues. The operation does not need to be energetically pumped, and the amount of bleeding can be reduced. It can be used as a large area and more liposuction, and the parts of the pumping are even more uniform.

Clinical experience, ultrasound liposuction surgery due to liposuction tube diameter is more thin, the operation will be more time-consuming, if the amount of fat to be removed more, in consideration of the time of anesthesia and physical strength of the doctor, it is not easy to do the operation well.

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