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Introduction of ultrasonic welding generator

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Introduction of ultrasonic welding generator

The ultrasonic generator

1) the high power ultrasonic plastic welding machine, the generator signal adopts the phase-locked frequency automatic tracking circuit, so that the frequency of the output of the generator is basically consistent with the resonant frequency of the transducer.

2) the generator used for ultrasonic plastic welding machine whose power is above 500W is self-excited power oscillator, and also has a certain frequency tracking ability.

4, acoustic system used for ultrasonic plastic welding machine


The acoustic system for ultrasonic plastic welding machine consists of three parts: 1 driving parts, 2 fixed parts, 3 working parts. In the above three components, the drive is the core, and the longitudinal vibration transducer with bolt clamping is generally used, in which the half wavelength longitudinal vibrator and the 1/4 wavelength longitudinal vibrator, the half wavelength longitudinal vibration and the half wavelength concentrator are connected to form a full wavelength plastic welding converter, while the 1/4 wavelength longitudinal vibrator is used. The 1/4 wavelength concentrator is connected to form a 1.5 wavelength transducer.

Tool head

It is necessary to have different tool heads for different welding objects, whether it is near field welding or transmission and welding, only half wavelength tool head can make the welding end reach the maximum amplitude. The tool head, with two kinds of amplitudes and no amplitudes, is used as the tool head of the acoustic system for plastic welding machine. The material used is usually aluminum alloy. The end face is plated with hard alloy. It is also made of titanium alloy when the power is large. The fatigue strength of this material is more than one times higher than that of the aluminum alloy.

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