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How to solve the problem of uneven weld seam in ultrasonic plastic welding

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How to solve the problem of uneven weld seam in ultrasonic plastic welding

When the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is used, the product is sometimes welded by ultrasonic welding. Sometimes the weld seam is uneven. In some places, the weld is large and the weld is small in some places, which leads to the unpleasing appearance of the products. If the ultrasonic equipment is working normally, it is necessary to analyze and solve the problem from the design of the weldment itself.
Reason 1: Design of ultrasonic welding line
Design of welding line for ultrasonic welding and design of welding line for ultrasonic equipment before welding
Welding line design of product during ultrasonic welding
Reason two: the material of ultrasonic weldment is different. Ultrasonic welding of two weldments uses the same materials as possible, such as PA and PA, PS and PS. Relatively speaking, semi crystalline plastic is not easy to use ultrasonic welding. If the material of two welding parts is different, the ultrasonic structure should be made into mechanical interlocking.
Mechanical interlocking welding structure
Cause three: the ultrasonic weldment is too wet or the components are mixed with glass fiber or other flame retardants and other chemical components, which can also cause ultrasonic welding difficulties or bad welding.

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