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How to guarantee the quality of welding by ultrasonic plastic welding

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How to guarantee the quality of welding by ultrasonic plastic welding

When we decide to use ultrasonic welding technology to complete fusion, the welding quality of products can be guaranteed by following several points:
(1) material;
(2) the structure of plastic parts;
The position and design of welding line;
(4) the size of the welding surface;
The position and tightness of the upper and lower surfaces;
The contact surface of the welding head and plastic parts;
The smooth welding path;
Support the bottom mold.

First of all, the structural design of plastic parts must consider the following points:
(1) the size of the weld (that is, the required strength should be considered);
(2) whether it needs water tightness and tightness;
(3) does it need a perfect appearance;
(4) avoid the spillover of plastic melting or synthetic materials;
It is suitable for welding processing requirements.

Secondly, in order to achieve the perfect welding mode, three main design directions must be followed:
(1) the two surfaces of initial contact must be small so as to concentrate the required energy and minimize the total energy required to complete the fusion.
Find suitable fixation and alignment methods, such as connecting holes, steps or jacks of plastic parts.
(3) the welding surface around the interface must be unified and closely contact with each other. If possible, the contact surface is on the same plane as much as possible so that the energy conversion will be consistent.

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