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How long can the ultrasonic cleaning machine work continuously

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How long can the ultrasonic cleaning machine work continuously

How long can the ultrasonic cleaning machine be used continuously?
Answer: how long the ultrasonic cleaner can last for a long time depends on what type of ultrasonic cleaning machine you have bought.

1. small ultrasonic cleaning machine is usually used in laboratory. Please note that when you use it, you must put water or detergent in about 2/3 places. If the small ultrasonic cleaning machine has heating function, remember that no water can be opened without ultrasonic and heating, otherwise, the ultrasonic transducer or heating plate will be destroyed. The small ultrasonic cleaning machine is usually designed with timing function timing range: 0-30 minutes, which means that the best continuous work of 30 minutes is the best time for the small ultrasonic cleaning machine. After the maximum time, please let the equipment rest for 3-5 minutes and continue to use. The small ultrasonic cleaning machine can not work continuously because the small ultrasonic cleaning machine is usually stamped by stainless steel sheet once, and the continuous working time will cause damage to the tank floor after a long continuous working time. The other reason is that the ultrasonic generator is placed at the bottom of the tank body, and the heat dissipation is not good for a long time. The ultrasonic generator circuit board will be burned down. That is, the inner slot is one-time stamping, the generator is circuit board, the use time is 5 hours, there is no problem at all. The continuous use time of this equipment is preferably not more than 2 hours, placed on the bottom of the tank and placed in the desktop or laboratory.

2. single slots ultrasonic cleaning machine, the ultrasonic cleaning tank and the generator are placed separately, the ultrasonic generator has a cooling fan inside, and there are also some protection functions, such as overheating protection, overvoltage protection, over current protection and so on; because the generator is placed alone, such single slot ultrasonic cleaning is used. Even if the machine is used for 8 hours of continuous work, it will not be a problem (the ambient temperature can not be too high, otherwise the cooling wind can be affected, and the tank body of the single slots ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally SUS 304 2mm welding, as long as the ultrasonic generator is matched with the ultrasonic jar, even if it is a few months of continuous vibration. " The tank will not wear out for a few years, of course, it is also related to the height of the water level. In general, such problems will not occur as long as the liquid in the tank exceeds 100mm.

3. manual and automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is about the same time and single slot.
In general, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if it is purchased in a regular ultrasonic cleaning machine factory, in the normal use of the case is 3-5 years is generally no problem. Choose which manufacturer is still critical, the material also has a certain factor, good maintenance, not close to corrosion drugs, such as acid, if the ultrasonic cleaning machine can use 8 hours a day for 3 to 5 years. Because the ultrasonic is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel is corroded by the acid near the acid. Keep the equipment clean and dirty water discharged in time.

In addition, the following problems should be paid attention to during the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to make the service life longer.
1. ultrasonic cleaning machine and ultrasonic generator should be placed in dry and ventilated conditions, regular maintenance, and keep machine and ground clean.
2. the power supply voltage should be within the range of 380/220 + 5VAC, otherwise it will damage electrical components easily.
3. it is forbidden to place the washing machine in damp and corrosive gas areas, so as to avoid the failure of transducer and circuit board.
4. it is forbidden to start heater switches or ultrasonic switches in the cleaning tank without cleaning fluid, so as not to damage heating devices and transducers.
5. avoid hard objects hitting the cylinder bottom and transducer directly, avoid strong vibration, and do not place the workpiece directly on the bottom surface of the cylinder to prevent the transducer from falling off.
6. do not use the cleaning liquid to overflow the cylinder surface. Do not use water to rinse the machine directly, so as not to splash water into the vibrator, electric heater or electronic circuit board.
7. regularly clean cylinder bottom, fuselage dirt and other attachments, keep stainless steel fuselage clean and clean, in order to facilitate long-term stable work.
8. when the cleaning fluid is dirty after a period of use, the liquid should be changed in time to clean the cylinder. Otherwise, the sediment will corrode the bottom of the cylinder and cause leakage.
9. when a long time is not needed or the interval time is longer, the cleaning fluid should be released, the cleaning machine should be cleaned, and the plastic film should be packed to protect it.
10. in the warranty period, the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be sent back to the company for repair and properly charge the material if the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not placed according to the above requirements.

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