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How do you wash all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables in spring and summer?

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How do you wash all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables in spring and summer?

In spring and summer, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables are produced, and fruits and vegetables become the permanent food on the daily menu. However, summer is also a high risk season for insect pests. Fruits and vegetables are at higher risk of spraying excessive pesticides. How to remove pesticide residues, become the focus of attention. Can all kinds of fruit and vegetable detergents "natural" or "even" drink in the supermarket really become "lifesaving straws" to eliminate agricultural residues?
Cleaning agent can drink? It is possible to pollute two times.
Fruits and vegetables in the planting process, spraying pesticides is common, the fruits and vegetables contaminated by pesticides. In order to prevent the decay of the transport and storage links, the illegal activities such as the collection of vegetables, such as the collection and listing of vegetables in the safe interval of the pesticide, are very easy to lead to the exceeding the standard of agricultural residue. Illegal traders also use industrial wax when they wax the fruit, which is often harmful to the human body. There are also many problems in the transportation of fruits and vegetables.
How to effectively remove pesticide residues? At present, in the market for sale of fruit and vegetable detergent, there are also many products labeled as "natural salt" and "surface active agent", which claims to be able to remove pesticides, bacteria, glazing agents and colorants on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Cleaning agent for fruits and vegetables can really remove pesticide residues and safe?
Stare! Not necessarily better than clean water
Fruit and vegetable cleaning agent to the pesticide effect? A research group at the University of California in the United States has analyzed 5 kinds of fruit and vegetable detergent commonly used in the market. The results showed that fruit and vegetable detergent cleaning fruits and vegetables can really remove some pesticide residues, but not 100%. Fruit and vegetable detergents are not more efficient than flushing. In the experiment, the removal rate of a representative pesticide, captan, was 29% and 35%, respectively, and the removal rate of captan and Do-win (methomyl) was 39.5% and 44.5% respectively.
According to the detection of the fruit directly used by the food and Drug Administration of Yanta District of Xi'an, it is found that after cleaning with clean water, salt water and fruit and vegetable detergent, the results of the detection of apple, lemon and grape fruit are different, and the cleaning agent of fruit and vegetable is not able to "win" clean water every time. Even as washing with water (the higher the water table detection degree is low, the lower the number the higher the degree water table. The general value is below 30, which is "clean" and can be eaten at ease.
Experts believe that detergent mainly contains surfactants, which can be more effective with pesticide molecules to remove pesticides. But the detergent is also easy to adhere to the wax layer on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and it is not easy to remove all of them. Mechanical movement during cleaning is also very important, for example, rinsing water for more than 30 seconds under tap water can remove pesticide residues in a small scale.
There are more than two hundred pesticides approved in China, and their nature is quite different. Any removal method is aimed at certain characteristics. That is to say, some pesticides are effective and may be invalid for others, and there is no "omnipotent" method to remove all pesticides.
Truth is often in the hands of a few!
It has been suggested that people all over the world are using conventional methods to clean the material and have not found how many people are poisoning. In fact, this idea is extremely wrong. The people concerned have consulted medical experts on this problem, and the results are very creepy. The experts say that the pesticide residues, bacteria and heavy metals on the material are objective. But it is not likely to cause acute poisoning, but these toxic and harmful substances will accumulate in the body, completely dependent on individual immunity and function detoxification, so people with good physical quality have little adverse reactions, but the malignant cells caused by these toxic and harmful substances will grow crazy when the body's immunity is low. Quickly swallowing our immunity, this is the root cause of the current high incidence of cancer, and we need to change our concepts and avoid it scientifically.

After several years of continuous efforts, finally find a comprehensive method of cleaning the material, experts through different frequencies, different power of ultrasonic cleaning experiment, the surprise of the ultrasonic wave in the state of 400 watts, under the state of 80-160khz ultrasonic frequency, the cleaning and degradation rate of agricultural residue is ideal, generally high The traditional ultrasonic cleaning effect of clean water washing, detergent, ozone, plasma and 40KHZ, the average removal rate of pesticide residue above 90% and more than 98% of bacteria killing rate by third authorities of the state, can be completely removed for the surface of fruits and vegetables, meat and other edible materials, but it is not enough in the United States. It is not possible to remove the inside of the food cells that are added illegally in the process of colonization, so the experts suggest that it will be guaranteed to have a certain effect after cutting the material.

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