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How do hotels and fast food shops buy automatic dishwasher?

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How do hotels and fast food shops buy automatic dishwasher?

No professional dishwasher, let the owner of the hotel more assured; holiday dishwasher do not worry, the waiters can operate the dishwasher with one key; the quality of the cleaning, the degree of cleanliness, the machine automatic guarantee; or the use of special detergent, energy saving and water saving, the boss save money... This series of dreams can be realized.

How can hotels and restaurants choose the dishwasher that is easy to use?

1, look at the brand purchase. Manufacturers should take the lead in technology, and the brand should have popularity and good reputation.

2. Look at the application. Users should consider the dishwasher when buying the dishwasher:

(1) the area of the kitchen. For now the kitchen dishwasher line position, put reasonable, without changes to the housing structure.

(2) the number of tableware. According to the number of tables per table, we need to estimate the quantity of tableware to be cleaned and disinfected, so as to select the type and capability of the equipment.

(3) the material of the tableware. Different materials have different washing methods and dishwasher requirements. That is to say, the dishwasher assembly line has the function of cleaning the tableware.

(4) the type of tableware. Look at the dishwasher assembly line. Do you have the functions of cleaning different sizes and different shapes of tableware? Wait。

3, look at the way of cleaning. Dishwashers should be cleaned, sterilized and other functions. The standard high efficiency nano ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection function is the best. It is not possible to use first washing and soaking and chemical detergent.

4. Look at the way of transmission.

(1) cover type: common in household and small dishwasher, commercial dishwasher is used less and less in commercial dishwasher because of its washing capacity and the limit of washing speed. At present, Xiao Quan automatic dishwasher is suitable for small restaurants, small restaurants and fast food restaurants.

(2) basket type: common in the commercial dishwasher, because of its relatively low investment cost, relatively troublesome operation (it is necessary to design different cleaning baskets by different tableware, but for irregular tableware cleaning more difficult), the restaurant, restaurant, restaurant customers reflect the poor and fade out of the market, at present only in the meal. The five piece sets with disinfection and distribution companies have certain applications. Can be framed or not framed, the freedom to choose whether or not the frame of new tunnel machine, by the user favorite fast-food restaurants, hotel.

(3) tilting inserted teeth: commonly used in commercial dishwasher, the market reflects different. But there is a dead angle for larger dishes and dishes, and can not be placed too tight. The improved ultra clean automatic dishwasher can overcome these defects.

(4) net belt flat type: commonly used in commercial dishwasher, also known as the fourth generation of commercial dishwasher, the market reflects well. The tableware with different shapes can have good cleaning effect, and the washing speed is slightly different because of the shape and size of tableware. Therefore, it is the best choice for restaurants, canteens and restaurants, representing the most advanced technology of commercial dishwashers.

5, look at the effect of cleaning and disinfection. The main purpose is to buy a dishwasher for cleaning and disinfection of tableware. But not all dishwashers have the effect of cleaning and disinfecting.

6. Look at the energy saving and environmental protection. The cleaning process should be energy saving and environmental protection, and it can not damage the health of the dishwasher and the diners. At the same time, with the least personnel, the best temperature, the least cleaning agent and the shortest time to complete the cleaning and disinfection process, fundamentally solve the province, save electricity, save water, save money problems, can greatly reduce the cost of use.

7, look after after-sales service. After sale service is an extension of product quality assurance. When purchasing, we should give full consideration to whether the manufacturer has perfect after-sales service outlets and good service reputation in this area.

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