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How can the dishwasher be installed?

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How can the dishwasher be installed?

Installation of household dishwasher

1. the household dishwasher should be installed on the fixed platform with the location of the water inlet and drain.

2. when the household dishwasher is placed, adjust the four machine feet and adjust the level. The specific adjustment methods are as follows:

The adjustment of the left and right levels. The random horizontal tester is folded over the door, and the heavy hammer on the cotton line is hung on the hook. After the heavy hammer is still, if the deviation is found to the left or right of the fuselage, a random wrench can be used to adjust the four screw bolts. Adjust the relative height of the two screws on the side side so that the left and right horizontal deviations are within the allowable range.

Front and back level adjustment. Repeat the above method and use the level detector to adjust the horizontal deviation between the front and the rear.

3. the connection between the intake pipe and the drain pipe is as follows:

Tighten the pipe connection, connect the inlet pipe with the water inlet pipe on the fuselage and insert the elbow into the drain pipe.

Insert the tube into the rear cover. Connect the intake pipe to the faucet and place the elbow of the drainpipe in the sink or sewer.

Installation attention

1. it can be shared with the washing basin and is about 50 centimeters high from the ground.

2. the water must be lower than the bottom of the dishwasher, but the drainpipe needs to be pulled up.

3. electric plugs should not be reserved behind the dishwasher. It is best to have a hand held switch control.

4. the safety valve is reserved at the water outlet to prevent the long-term pressure of the solenoid valve from being too strong.

Requirements for external space

Reserve 0.5 centimeters to 1 centimeters of space around the dishwasher.

A 3 way pipe is added to the water inlet, and the cold water enters the washing basin, the faucet and the dishwasher respectively. The drainpipe can be connected to the washing basin or the water drain pipe.

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