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Home dishwasher goes into our life

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Home dishwasher goes into our life

Do women feel this way: cold water is hard to handle; wash your fingers for a long time, your fingers are thicker and wrinkled.

Do men have such a experience: I want to wash the dishes on the initiative, let the wife balance the cooking resentment, the result of the wife's more complaints, because the total worry that you do not clean.

Do young people have such experience: Ben wanted to wash the dishes actively and share some of the housework for her mother. The result was that she had more nagging. The reason is that you always think you can wash the dishes too much water. If you have any experience, you should buy a dishwasher to free your hands.

It is more clean than hand washing with up and down double layer 360 degree speed sprinkler system, no dead angle spray bowl, no stain, 80 degrees of high temperature cooking, high temperature heating disinfection, strong effect to remove stains; do the hands do not do.

More water saving three than hand washing three meals a day all tableware, hand washing finished, the average water 54.6 liters; the same tableware, washing standard washing once washed, only 12 liters of water; machine washing 4 times more water than hand wash.

It is more time-saving than hand washing. It takes about 20 minutes to wash the dishes manually, three times a day, 60 minutes, 1800 minutes a month. Machine wash just set the cleaning procedure can leave, no need to worry about the washing time, wash out without taking out, can be used as a bowl rack; save not only time, but also money.

Some friends say, it's strange to buy a dishwasher. But do you remember? The washing machine that we are familiar with and used to is a good example. The washing machine and the dishwasher must be able to do so. End with a short sentence: technology changes lifestyle!

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