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Fruits and vegetables to destroy bacteria, pesticide residues, purifier to additive

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Fruits and vegetables to destroy bacteria, pesticide residues, purifier to additive

Agriculture can not be separated from pesticides. We can hardly find vegetables that have not been sprinkled with pesticides on our table.
China is a large agricultural country with a loss of 30 to 50% of production without using pesticides. For economic crops, such as vegetables and fruits, and without pesticides, the loss rate of agricultural products is 40 to 80%. Therefore, agricultural products are widely used in rural areas to increase crop yields. These are the reasons for a large amount of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.
The pursuit of economic benefits has led many bad sellers to lose their moral bottom line.
The material is added illegally in the process of planting, breeding and logistics, making our table at high risk, losing the sense of food safety and health protection.
Changes in the environment bring a health crisis
The development of the economy will inevitably bring environmental damage, which is inevitable. 30 years ago, many people did not know what cancer was. At that time, cancer was a rare noun, but today, cancer has become a normal, after 10 years, liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, these three cancers will perplex every family and cancer in China. The disease comes from air and water food, and food safety accounts for more than 60% of the cancer. The biggest worry is that the money earned in a lifetime is not enough for medical expenses.

Tackling technical barriers to fruit and vegetable purification, focusing on food safety.

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