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Extraction technology of industrial ultrasonic circulation

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Extraction technology of industrial ultrasonic circulation

Ultrasonic has the characteristics of "cavitation", "mechanical vibration" and "thermal effect". "Cavitation" can produce thousands of pressures in the instant, making the tiny bubbles of the medium compressed, cracked and broken to extract raw materials and cell walls, and accelerate the dissolution of natural medicinal ingredients. "Mechanical vibration" and "heat effect" further strengthen the diffusion of dissolved components, making the ingredients in the extraction medium fast to reach concentration. Degree balance can greatly shorten the cost of extraction and improve the quality of products. It is the most promising technology in leaching extraction.

Next, let's talk about the application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in various industries.

1. The application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in the intensive processing of Chinese medicinal materials:

The ultrasonic circulation extraction technology and device have been successfully applied to the extraction of natural products from dozens of Chinese medicinal materials.

L, terpenoids, lactone

Artemisinin was extracted by HF-2B (laboratory "hongxianglong" ultrasonic wave extractor). Under the experimental conditions, the recovery rate of artemisinin was increased by more than 25%, the extraction time was shortened to 20 minutes, and the recovery rate of petroleum ether was 90%.

2. Huang Tong

For 30 minutes, the extraction rate of ginkgo flavonoid was extracted with HF-50G type cycle ultrasonic extractor at 40 degrees. The extraction rate of Ginkgo flavonoids was 91.6%, which was higher than that of the conventional 100 degree boiled ginkgo flavone extraction rate for 6 hours.

When extracting flavonoids from propolis, it was extracted for 48 hours. The extraction rate was 36%. The extraction rate was 41.8% at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Under the condition of 30 degree, 50% ethanol was extracted by ultrasonic wave for 30 minutes, and the extraction rate of flavonoids was 87%.

3. alkaloid

The total alkaloid in Sophora japonica was extracted with 1 / 1000 acid water by ultrasonic circulation extraction machine. The ultrasonic extraction was two times at room temperature, and the extraction rate was over 85%. The extraction rate was 4--6 hours / times compared to normal temperature, and the extraction effect was better than that of three times.

4, glucoside

When Cistanche glycosides were extracted from Cistanche, the extraction rate of Cistanche extraction by ultrasonic circulation extraction machine for 30 minutes was equivalent to that of 24 hours and 80 degrees reflux for 5 hours.

5, polysaccharide

The extraction rate of sulfate polysaccharide can be extracted for 5 hours by 100 degree boiling method when extracting polysaccharide from kelp by ultrasonic circulation extraction machine for 20 minutes at 30 degrees.

6. Tea polyphenols

Tea polyphenols and catechol were extracted from tea and extracted for 10 minutes at normal temperature. The total amount of tea polyphenols and catechol 100 degrees increased by more than 40% for 30 minutes. There was no difference in the properties of tea polyphenols and catechol samples, and the structure of tea polyphenols and catechol components was not changed.

7, extraction and purification of solvent in slurry extraction coupling

The ultrasonic circulation extraction machine is used to extract the sulfated lipopolysaccharide with the solvent in the pulp. At room temperature, the ultrasonic action time is 30 minutes, the extraction rate of polysaccharide can reach more than 92%, the content of fucose in polysaccharide is 35%, and the cost is only 1/4 left right of the conventional extraction.

8. Other

The absorbency of pepper with 75% ethanol was 2.274 for 8 hours. The ultrasonic extraction machine was extracted for 30 minutes at room temperature, the absorbency was 1.993, the extraction was 40 minutes, and the absorbency was 2.053.

Two. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in deep processing of oil products

The ultrasonic circulation extraction technology also has many advantages in the deep processing of oil, which can replace the traditional processing method in many kinds of oil processing, reduce the processing cost and improve the quality of the product.

Application of L and ultrasonic circulation extraction in vegetable oil extraction

Ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic cavitation can produce micro acoustic flow, can effectively break the boundary layer, greatly accelerate the diffusion speed, effectively improve the speed of 2 to 10 times. The advantages of simple method, high oil production rate, pure oil taste, clear color, short production cycle, no heating, non destruction of effective components and so on, and the comprehensive extraction of other useful components can also be carried out, and the economic benefit is greatly improved.

2. The application of ultrasonic circulation extraction in the extraction of aromatic oil.

The extraction of aromatic oil is mostly by steam distillation. In the process of extraction, the aromatic oil is easily oxidized, polymerized and pyrolyzed, resulting in the loss of aroma and the low rate of perfume. The extraction rate of aromatic oil can be significantly increased by ultrasonic enhanced extraction. The aroma is more positive and lasting.

3. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in animal oil processing

The method of extracting fat from animal fat and extracting animal oil is easy to coking and low oil yield. The use of ultrasonic extraction can make the animal fat free in a very short time (2 to 10 minutes), and the vitamins in the oil will not be destroyed and the oil is clear.

Application of extraction technology in sugar intensive T three, ultrasonic circulation

Extracting sugar from sugar beet, using ultrasonic extraction method can shorten the extraction time by half, increase the yield by 12-14%, and increase the sugar extraction speed by 78%.

Four. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in deep processing of fruits and vegetables

Ultrasound helps to further refine the pulp, degrade the pectin in the juice, reduce the viscosity of the juice, and thus improve the juice yield, quality and filtration speed. At the same time, the plant cells are broken after ultrasonic treatment, which significantly improves the absorption and absorption of nutrients to the body and animals.

Five. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in tea intensive T

Ultrasonic extraction was applied at 60 degrees in the production of instant tea. The rate of extraction was nearly 20% higher than that of spray drying, and most of the effective parts were all extracted in the 10 minutes of ultrasonic treatment.

Six. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in grain deep processing

Ultrasonic extraction technology can extract high added value components from rice bran, wheat bran, soybean and corn germ. By ultrasonic treatment, the content of soybean milk protein can be increased by 6.6%, and the weight of dry matter of soybean milk is increased by 11.6%. The ultrasonic extraction technology has the utility of improving the protein content and increasing rate for the production of traditional soybean products and new products such as soybean milk, instant soybean powder and separation protein and protein concentrate.

Ultrasound also plays a good role in the processing of wine. Using ultrasonic wave and high frequency electromagnetic wave can shorten the aging time of wine, save hops, and also have a good effect on alcohol treatment.

Seven. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in the detection of nuisance free agricultural products

It is necessary to extract pesticide residues in agricultural products, harmful heavy metal substances and other harmful components in agricultural products. It is more convenient and quick to use ultrasonic extraction method than conventional methods, and the extracted components are more than conventional methods.

Eight. Application of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology in other fields

Compared with other existing methods, ultrasonic cycle extraction technology has the characteristics of short time and simple operation compared with other existing methods. The wall breaking rate can meet the requirements of the production process and can greatly reduce the production cost.

The abomasum enzyme is extracted from the calf's abomasum, and the highest activity can be achieved by ultrasonic extraction at 40 minutes. At the same time, it is found that ultrasound has a certain activation effect on the abomasum prozymogen.

The emulsification of fruit and vegetable pulp: the production of food (such as chocolate, jam, salad oil, seasoning) is emulsified and refined by circulating ultrasonic equipment, which can greatly shorten the production cycle, and the taste and quality are better than that of the mechanical or chemical methods.

The application field of ultrasonic circulation extraction technology is so wide that enterprise production, small test and pilot test in traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, cosmetics, ultramicro and nano particles are also playing its advanced role in the fields of ultrasonic dispersion, emulsion preparation, the preparation of slow release drugs and so on.

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