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Effect of cleaning liquid on ultrasonic cleaning effect

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Effect of cleaning liquid on ultrasonic cleaning effect

The choice of cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning machine should be considered from two aspects.

On the one hand, we should choose the cleaning agent with good chemical effect from the nature of the dirt.

The two aspect is to choose the suitable cleaning agent for surface tension, vapor pressure and withering.

Because these characteristics are related to the cavitation strength of the ultrasonic transducer, the surface tension of the liquid is not easy to produce cavitation, but when the sound intensity exceeds the cavitation threshold, the energy of the cavitation bubble release is also large, which is beneficial to the cleaning. The liquid with high vapor pressure will reduce the intensity of cavitation, and the viscosity of the liquid is not easy to produce. Therefore, the cleaning agent with high vapor pressure and high viscosity is not conducive to ultrasonic cleaning. In addition, the temperature and static pressure of the cleaning liquid have an effect on the cleaning effect. When the temperature of the cleaning liquid rises, the cavitation core increases, which is favorable to the cavitation, but the temperature is too high, the vapor pressure in the bubble increases. The cavitation will be strongly reduced. Considering the influence of temperature on cavitation intensity, we should also consider the chemical cleaning effect of detergent. Each type of liquid has its own cavitation temperature. The optimum temperature is 60 degrees. The cavitation is the most active. When the static pressure of the cleaning fluid is large, cavitation is not easy to occur, so the effect of ultrasonic cleaning or treatment in the pressurized container is poor.

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